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As the autumn season arrives, with cooler weather and the onset of flu season, it becomes especially important to protect our immune system and health. That's why we are pleased to recommend some excellent products for guests with an IZOMetria Fitness pass in the following categories:

For immune system support, Bioheal®Multivitamin and Bioheal®Multivitamin 40+ are excellent choices. These multivitamins are rich sources of nutrients that strengthen the body's defenses during the autumn season. The Bioheal®1000 mg Rosehip C Vitamin is particularly important in cold months as a potent antioxidant that supports the immune system and helps prevent colds and the flu.

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To maintain heart and cardiovascular health, we recommend Bioheal®Omega 3 6 9 and Bioheal®Coenzyme Q10 products. Omega 3 6 9 fatty acids reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, while Coenzyme Q10 supports heart muscle health and cell energy production.
Heart and Cardiovascular


Health protection and recharging with energy are particularly important in the autumn months! These products can help you maintain your vitality and health throughout the year.

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The Bioheal® is a 100% Hungarian-owned pharmaceutical company specializing in natural remedies, offering high-quality and effective dietary supplements to health-conscious consumers. Our products have been available for over a decade, primarily as a prominent and popular brand in Hungarian pharmacies.

There are many ways to "give energy," and our goal is to help you stay healthier while maintaining your vitality, thanks to Bioheal® dietary supplements.

As a result of our cooperation, we offer a 20% base discount on all our products after the first order, and guests with an IZOMetria Fitness pass can also enjoy a 50% discount on selected seasonal products using the coupon code provided by the gym.

We wish you to enjoy the benefits of natural remedies and preventive health care thanks to Bioheal® products!


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The coupon code for a one-time 50% discount is provided by IZOMetria Fitness to its pass-holding guests.

After the first order, a 20% base discount is available for all Bioheal® products for IZOMetria Fitness guests on subsequent orders throughout the year.

You can apply the coupon code at any time during the purchase by clicking on the "View Cart" button after adding the first product to your cart.



Free shipping for orders over 10,000 Ft (via GLS or Posta courier)


Up to a total of 6 products can be ordered with the coupon code per IZOMetria Fitness guest account

If accidentally more than 6 products with the 50% discount are added to the cart, the coupon code will not work





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